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Geschlechtsleben und Fortpflanzung der. The New York state Indians. Records and Studies of. Shasta and Athapascan myths front Oregon Collected by. Copenhague, Gyldendalske Boghandel, ,. Gayer Jacob et Williams Maynard Owen. Clear Lake Pomo society. New York, 7. IX, mars , p. University of Washington Publications in. Pueblo pottery making ; a study at the village of San Ildefonso with an historical introduction by Alfred Vincent Kidder.

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Bibliographie américaniste - Persée

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Adivinanzas recogidas en Mexico.

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Lancaster et New- York, t. XXXI, 8, p. Silva y Aceves Mariano. Noticia y reflexiones sobre la guerra que se tiene con los Apaches. Toro Alfonso , Las morismas. The ceremony of gifts to the - bride. Vazquez Santa Ana Higinio.. Canciones y corridos mexicanos, coleccionados y. El hombre del mal..

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Atacante e clube discordam sobre tratamento que deve ser feito pelo jogador

Bulletin of the pan american Union. Nuestras misiones de S. II, pM in Andrade Alfredo Antonio de. Estudo das materias cor antes de origem vegetal em. Annaes do xx Con-. Aparicio - Francisco de. Los hombres de la selva. Apuntes para un estudio de. The Cayapa Indians of Ecuador. El concepto del tiempo entre los Araucanos.

Homenaje a Bolivia en el. Paz, ], xviii p.. Revista del Archivo de Santiago del. Condition juridica de las oomunidades de-indi-. Revista univer sitar ia. La literatura gauchesca en el Uruguay. Spaniard and Indian in early Peru. XL Vil, , p. Estudios sobre la capacidad intelectual de nuestros ninos. Excursion cientifica por el Oriente colombiano. Revista de la Universidad. Informe en el proyecto de la ley sobre comunidades de indigenas. Rio de Janeiro, , xxn p. Los afrodisiacos en la America pre y postcolombiana y en la. Eldorado, enigma de la historia americana, era el Peru de los Incas.

De Neger en zijn cultuurgeschiedenis. Vicariat de Mendez et Gualaquiza. Une causerie avec un Kivaro. Conversando con un Kivaro. Description of a wood engraving illustrating the South American Indians New York public library Bulletin. Causas de la criminalidad indigena en el Peru. Le missioni salesiane della. Zeitschrift fur Sexualwissen- schaft. Buenos Aires, Casa editora Coni, t. II, , p. Gastos oviginados- en un entierro. Revista del'Archivo de Santiago del Estero ". Per la psicologia d'un esploratore. Guido Boggiani tra i Caduvei.

The Arawana, or fish dance, of the Caraja Indians of Matto. New York, Museum of the american Indian, Heye. Fusion hispano-indtgena en la arquitectura colonial. Annaes do xx Congresso, international de Americanistas realizado no Rio de Janeiro de 20 a 30 de agosto de Uit het Suriname-archief in Londen Surinam, to , vol. Infor madones sobre encomenderos y encomiendas. De west-indische - Gids. Le vie d'ltalia e dell' America latina.


The preanimistic theory in the light of South American beliefs. Quelques notices ethnographiques sur les Indiens du rio Papuri. Bericht uber die von Gusinde-Koppers zu Anfung zu dem. Feuerlandstamm der Yaganes veranstaltete Forschungsreise. Dusseldorf, Schwann,- , 40 Mk. Archiv fur Rassen- und Gesellschafts-Biologie.

Algunos tipos de viviendas rurales. La scrittura coi nodi. La propiedad entre los Indios del valle central de Chile. Creencias religiosas de los Araucanos. Santiago de Chile, t. Revista chilena de historia y geografia. Santiago de Chile, Imprenta ' Cervantes, ,, 59 p. La valle Juan Bautista de. La boleadora indigena en nuestras guerras. I, ; Lehmann-Nitsche Robert. Journal of american folk-lore. La astronomia de los Tobas segunda parte. La astronomia de los Vilelas. Discussions under the programme are focusing on the overall financing needs, including privatisation receipts, but the design of the privatisation programme and the choice of assets remain entirely with the Member State concerned.

EU-wide experience offers a variety of different public or private property models for water utilities. The Commission considers that the creation of a regulatory authority and an appropriate market functioning environment are crucial prerequisites for guaranteeing the success of any of these models to protect consumers' interests and maintain environmental values.

As regards international trade negotiations, the Commission will continue to actively engage with trade partners to ensure that national, regional and local choices on how to run water services are respected and properly safeguarded. Welche Mittel sind einer, mehreren oder allen genannten Organisation direkt oder indirekt zugute gekommen? De Commissie heeft geen contact opgenomen met organisaties die lid zijn van het ENORB en heeft geen nadere gegevens over die organisaties.

De Commissie heeft geen financiering verstrekt aan het ENORB en heeft er geen weet van dat deze organisatie de infrastructuur van de Commissie zou hebben gebruikt. Voor zover de Commissie weet, heeft het ENORB evenementen georganiseerd in het Europees Parlement en werden diensten van de Commissie voor deze evenementen uitgenodigd. What resources have directly or indirectly been channelled to one, more than one, or all of the above organisations?

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In the light of what criteria does the Commission assess the organisations before granting them consultative status? Two of the seven institutional members of ENORB have been identified in the United Kingdom as Islamic extremist groups belonging to the international Muslim Brotherhood which promote, for example, the introduction of Sharia law in Europe. They are both described across party boundaries as problematic, as is clear from a number of UK media reports. If so, what was the sum involved? If so, under what conditions? If so, what was talked about, and who was present?

If so, what is the nature of such access? When was it granted? To whom was it granted? If so, what was the outcome of such checks? If so, will the Commission set out the dates on which such funds were given and the amounts thereof, and the purposes for which they were to be used? To the Commission's knowledge, ENORB is an umbrella network of different religious and non-confessional organisations and does not represent any specific religion or belief.

Kosten der Trilog-Verhandlung zur Tabakproduktrichtlinie. The tobacco products directive was debated and amended in seven committees in the European Parliament in the course of What was the total amount of human and material resources required during the trilogue negotiations? What were the costs for the staff present and services provided by technicians and third parties, such as drinks during the negotiations? Four of these trilogues were hosted by the European Parliament and one by the Council.

The Commission is not in a position to provide a break-down of costs incurred by these Institutions. The Commission was represented by relatively small teams approximately three to seven officials with the exception of the last trilogue. Belgian law on car registration requires residents in Belgium to register their private motor vehicles once they are being used in Belgium, irrespective of whether the vehicles are intended to be used on a regular basis or not. In individual cases, this was also applied to drivers who were using a vehicle put at their disposal by a third person.

This means that, when applying the legislation, the fact that the vehicle is correctly registered in another Member State and the possible temporary nature of the use of the vehicle in Belgium are not taken into consideration. Moreover, the Belgian authorities assume that any motor vehicle used by a resident in Belgium has to be registered in the Belgian register.

This application of the Belgian law is confirmed by payment orders sent out by the Belgian tax authorities to individual drivers concerned by the application of this legislation. The latest individual cases of which we have been informed also show that the Belgian police have been setting up road blocks exclusively targeting cars with foreign number plates, in clear violation of the most basic EU principles.

If so, when will the Belgian law be amended and corrected? I am aware that many property buyers in Spain are still endeavouring to assert their legal rights to the title of their property and that, in many cases, it is proving impossible to achieve this. Properties deemed to be illegal are being demolished, and it is unacceptable that thousands of people, many of whom are pensioners, who have invested their savings, are being prevented from legally using or selling their properties.

In some cases, many years of legal action by purchasers results in little or no compensation being paid, despite previous planning permission being granted by local councils. In , Commissioner Reding stated that the Commission had contacted the Spanish authorities to enquire as to the steps being taken at national level to address the problems of the many property buyers who have failed to obtain their title deeds. Can the Commission inform me of the outcome of the contact with the Spanish authorities and of the steps being taken to ensure that everyone caught up in this unacceptable situation has the right to their title deeds to allow them to use or sell their properties?

Matters linked to real estate ownership and to the building sector are primarily within the remit of the Member States and are regulated by their national contract laws. I am concerned about some white aircraft trails that have been spotted over Bedfordshire recently. These white trails are different from trails left by normal aircraft. Does the Commission or the European Environment Agency have a position on the use of atmospheric aerosols as part of geoengineering? Is the Commission aware of any NATO or military involvement in a geoengineering project related to atmospheric aerosols?

The Commission has no information on releases of chemicals from aircrafts, including NATO flight operations, into the atmosphere. Dieser Mechanismus basiert auf Geboten und der zu erwartenden Klickrate der Links. Wie hoch waren die wirtschaftlichen Kosten der beiden vorausgegangenen Markttests? Wie lange dauert ein Markttest? These commitments include a proposed auction mechanism by which Google would select three rivals to display their services on a search results page, on the basis of bids and of the anticipated click-through rates for the links.

Such an auction mechanism appears to be designed to generate additional revenue for Google, which will select three rivals on the basis of the highest bids and not on considerations regarding the most relevant or useful results for consumers. Moreover, new market entrants will be excluded from the auction on account of the minimum market threshold, thus preventing new, innovative companies from competing in the search marketplace, and requiring the successful bidder to pay in order to benefit from the remedy.

Another very important issue regarding the auction requirement is that it will force the advertised prices higher than they would be if the rival links were free. Therefore, the latest proposal does not appear to help consumers and does not solve the consumer injury identified by the Commission as the initial problem.

What provisions does the proposal contain with a view to ensuring that innovative European SMEs will be able to enter and compete in the online marketplace under the auction mechanism? Can the Commission justify a proposed remedy to antitrust abuse that would generate more revenue for the infringer?

How much did the two previous market tests cost in economic terms? How much time is needed to carry out a market test? The auction mechanism will only apply when Google already monetises the space used by its so-called vertical search services, e. Google Shopping, on which merchants pay to appear. Under the proposed commitments, part of the space used by Google for its own services will be reserved for three competitors; the auction will determine who appears in the space based on bid price and relevance measured by the predicted click-through-rate.

When Google does not monetise this space e. Google Local , there would be no auction mechanism, and the choice of three rival links would be based on relevance — and would be free. As the auction mechanism means that Google would give its competitors a space for which its own customers would pay, the remedy would not generate more revenues for Google. Under the auction mechanism, the winning bidders would pay the next highest price this is a second price auction , and only when users click on their link. As the auction mechanism is based on individual keywords, it would enable SMEs to target their bids effectively and compete to the benefit of consumers.

The time and resources needed to carry out a market test vary according to size and complexity, so it is not possible to estimate the average cost and duration of a particular test. The Commission has already carried out two detailed market tests on earlier versions of the commitments and has gathered enough information and input from stakeholders, to assess the effectiveness of the proposed commitments.

The Commission is currently drafting pre-rejection letters and will meet complainants in May. Complainants will then have the opportunity to respond to those letters. Procedimiento contra Google en materia de competencia y tercer conjunto de medidas correctivas — Soluciones e intereses de los consumidores. Corresponde luego a ellos elegir la mejor alternativa. The auction mechanism introduced as a remedy for search bias benefits those companies with money to spend, not those with the most relevant or useful results for consumers.

Another important issue regarding the auction requirement is that it will force the advertised prices higher than they would be if the rival links were free. Could the Commission specifically explain how consumer interests are protected and guaranteed by this third set of remedies? With regard to the monitoring trustee, who will ensure proper compliance with the settlement? There is no provision to allow third parties the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the monitoring trustee on implementation; can the Commission confirm that this is the case?

Can the BEUC or any other interested party which is not an official complainant address the monitoring trustee? As regards the Commission's concern relating to Google's business practices in the field of specialised search, Google's commitments now provide that it would display prominent links to three rival specialised search services in a format which would be visually comparable to that of links to its own services. This principle would apply not only for existing specialised search services, but also to changes in the presentation of those services and for future services.

Consumers, who previously may not have been aware that Google was promoting its own specialised search services or who may not have seen relevant alternatives in Google's results would have a real choice between competing services presented in a comparable way; it would then be up to them to choose the best alternative. The proposed commitments foresee a monitoring trustee. The monitoring trustee would assist the Commission in ensuring Google faithfully implements any commitments.

Monitoring trustees cannot legally take decisions on behalf of the Commission, but they can provide the Commission with technical advice on any aspect related to the implementation of commitments. For instance, any third party would have the opportunity to raise potential compliance issues with the monitoring trustee. Interdipendenza economica e produttiva tra Sud e Centro-Nord in Italia. I fondi strutturali UE svolgono un ruolo importante nel sostenere gli investimenti nelle regioni, incluse quelle dell'Italia meridionale, e nel favorire l'ammodernamento della base industriale e delle infrastrutture vitali per le loro imprese.

Durante il periodo di programmazione i fondi strutturali europei avevano reso disponibili 21,3 miliardi di EUR per Campania, Sicilia, Puglia, Calabria e Basilicata. Per il periodo per queste regioni saranno complessivamente disponibili 22,3 miliardi di EUR di finanziamenti a titolo della politica di coesione. Tali strategie regionali di specializzazione intelligente costituiscono il principio generale per guidare le politiche regionali di innovazione e industriali. The scattering effect is a negative indicator for southern Italy, with the evidence suggesting that southern Italy is unable to internalise the effects of investment.

The aviation industry in the south, for example, generates Is it aware of the fact that major investment in southern Italy can produce benefits not only for the south but for the whole of Italy which is one of the original Member States of the European Union and also for the EU? What steps can the Commission take in this respect, and what support measures might it provide to reinvigorate investment in southern Italy or make it more attractive to new investors? The Commission is fully aware that industrial investments have beneficial effects beyond their immediate environment, based on the value chains of industry.

For the programming period, the Commission has called on Member States to facilitate the integration of EU firms, in particular SMEs, in global value chains to increase their competitiveness and ensure access to global markets in more favourable competitive conditions. The Commission is closely working with Member States and regions to ensure that priorities are correctly identified in order to maximise the investment potential. Member States are required to draw up innovation strategies to identify the unique characteristics and assets of each country and region.

These regional smart specialisation strategies serve as a general guiding principle for regional innovation and industrial policies. Il decreto legislativo n. As regards management, associations or foundations are, under the decree, independent for the purposes of management, organisation, and accounting, provided that they observe the principles set out in the relevant article of the decree without contravening the limits imposed by the decree in view of the public nature of the activities performed. Even though they have been listed by the authorities as public social security bodies, the privatised social security bodies are now in the process of selling property under private-law arrangements different from those applied by public bodies.

There are therefore grounds to complain of unequal treatment between tenants of public bodies and tenants of privatised bodies and, above all, of unequal treatment between members of public bodies and members of privatised social security bodies, which have been unduly favoured.

This principle has been supported by the Italian Council of State in a recent order in which it noted that the choice of a given selling arrangement must not suffice in itself to alter the nature of the disposal transaction by turning it into a sale between private individuals, as there would otherwise inevitably be implications for the rules to be applied to the disposal of public property.

How will the Commission proceed if it obtains clear-cut evidence that there may have been a breach of EU legislation regarding transparency and non-discrimination or unequal treatment of members of public bodies and those of privatised bodies? In the context of EU public procurement law, the principles of transparency and equal treatment refer to situations when contracting authorities intend to procure goods, services or works. These principles are aimed to ensure a degree of advertising sufficient to enable any potential tenderer to make an offer, and that all tenderers are treated equally throughout the procurement procedure.

Therefore, they do not apply to situations such as those described by the Honourable Member, which concern an alleged unequal treatment between tenants and members of public bodies and tenants and members of privatised bodies, deriving from the choice of different selling arrangements.

National rules governing these transactions can establish obligations to use transparent and non-discriminatory procedures for the sale or lease of property. However, the compliance with those rules is a matter of national competence; therefore the Commission does not see reasons for monitoring this situation and providing an overview thereof. Rappresaglie contro civili armeni in Siria e possibile coinvolgimento turco. La testata Asbarez, pluridecennale fonte giornalistica armeno-americana, ha recentemente riferito di almeno due incursioni ad opera di estremisti nei territori siriani, provenienti dal confine turco.

Pare che queste mirassero a compiere barbare rappresaglie che, secondo il giornale in parola, sono costate la vita a 80 abitanti della cittadina di Kessab, a netta prevalenza armena e cristiana. Si ricordi, a proposito della Turchia, l'ingente mole di risorse economiche e diplomatiche impiegate dall'Unione europea nel tentativo di avvicinamento di tale Stato agli standard europei, in vista di un suo ipotetico futuro ingresso nell'Unione. Secondo quanto riportato dalla stampa, gli attacchi sono stati perpetrati da gruppi affiliati a al-Qaeda.

La Turchia ha ribadito in varie occasioni che non sostiene i ribelli affiliati a al-Qaeda in Siria e che mantiene aperte le proprie frontiere a tutti i rifugiati provenienti dalla Siria, armeni compresi. According to recent reports published by the long-running Armenian-American newspaper Asbarez , Turkish-based extremists have been responsible for at least two atrocities committed across the border in Syrian territory, which appear to have been waged as brutal reprisals.

In one horrific instance, 80 people were killed in the village of Kessab, which has a large Armenian and Christian population. And if the Syrian media are to be believed, these barbaric acts are being covered up, or in any case tolerated, by the Turkish authorities. When it comes to Turkey, nobody needs reminding of the sheer scale of the financial and diplomatic resources expended by the European Union in a bid to bring this country up to European standards, so that it may one day be welcomed into the Union.

Given the alarming events that have been reported, does the Commission not believe that it urgently needs to launch its own diplomatic enquiries in order to find out whether there is any truth to the deeply disturbing rumours that the Turkish Government may have been involved in these atrocities in some way, even indirectly or through its failure to take any actions against them?

And if it emerges that these rumours are true, then surely the Commission would be impelled, at the very least, to suspend the process for bringing Turkey closer to the European Union, not least because such involvement would constitute a flagrant breach of the recommendations set forth in the Progress Report on Turkey? The Commission is aware of news reports mentioned in the question. The reports mention that the attacks were carried by al-Qaeda affiliated groups. Turkey has reiterated on many occasions that it does not support al-Qaeda affiliated rebels in Syria and that it keeps its borders open to all refugees from Syria, including Armenians.

Jaar na jaar kent de Vlaamse landbouw en veehouderij een groeiende intensivering en schaalvergroting. Steeds meer dieren worden door steeds minder landbouwers gehouden, in alsmaar grotere mega stallen. De industrialisering van de landbouw, met een onnatuurlijk hoge bevolkingsdichtheid van dieren, brengt veel problemen met zich mee: Strengere regelgeving in Nederland — waar sinds provincies en gemeentes maxima kunnen opleggen voor de veehouderij-intensiteit en de grootte van een veehouderijlocatie in een gebied — zorgt voor een versnelling van de industrialisering van veehouderij in Vlaanderen.

Gezien de grensoverschrijdende problematiek zou de Europese Commissie initiatief moeten nemen voor Europese normen rond veehouderij-intensiteit en de grootte van veehouderijen. Dit met respect voor mens, milieu, klimaat, dieren, en cultuurlandschap. De Europese Commissie heeft de verantwoordelijkheid toezicht te houden op landbouwsubsidies. Welke bedrijven waren dat en maakten deze bedrijven ook aanspraak op landbouwsubsidies?

In de recent goedgekeurde hervorming van het gemeenschappelijke landbouwbeleid neemt de druk op natuurlijke hulpbronnen een centrale plaats in. In het hervormde beleidsprogramma moet de landbouw zijn milieuprestaties verbeteren door middel van duurzamere productiemethoden en door het nemen van maatregelen voor matiging van en aanpassing aan de klimaatverandering. De landbouw moet antwoorden op de vraag naar collectieve goederen zoals bijvoorbeeld landschappen, biodiversiteit van landbouwgronden en klimaatstabiliteit.

Dit antwoord zal worden geformuleerd door middel van de complementaire effecten van verschillende beleidsinstrumenten: De Commissie is van mening dat de lidstaten beter geplaatst zijn om maxima op te leggen inzake de veedichtheid op en de grootte van veeteeltbedrijven. De Commissie zal er echter over waken dat de drie doelstellingen van het gemeenschappelijk landbouwbeleid worden uitgevoerd, meer bepaald: Daarnaast zal zij er op toezien dat de gepaste beleidsinstrumenten, zoals hierboven beschreven, worden ingezet waar nodig. Year after year, Flemish arable and livestock farming has been marked by growing intensification and increases of scale.

More and more animals are being kept by fewer and fewer farmers, in ever more massive complexes. The industrialisation of agriculture, with unnaturally high livestock population densities, causes many problems: Stricter regulation in the Netherlands — where since provincial and municipal authorities have been empowered to limit the intensity of livestock farming and the size of livestock farms in an area — is accelerating the industrialisation of livestock farming in Flanders.

In view of the cross-border problems, the Commission ought to take steps to introduce European standards relating to the intensity of livestock farming and the size of livestock farms. The rules introduced should display respect for human beings, the environment, climate, animals and the cultural landscape. Will the Commission take steps to tackle the serious problems associated with factory farming and highly intensive livestock rearing in Europe? If so, will the Commission draw up European standards relating to the intensity of livestock farming and the size of livestock farms e.

The Commission is responsible for monitoring farm subsidies. Can it indicate how many businesses based in the Netherlands invested in Flanders between and ? Which businesses were they, and did they also claim farm subsidies? With the recently adopted reform of the common agricultural policy, the pressure on natural resources was put at forefront.

In the policy design, agriculture has to improve its environmental performance via more sustainable production methods and to pursue climate change mitigation and adaption actions. This will be achieved by the complementary effects of various instruments: The Commission considers the Member States better placed to set limits on livestock density or the size of livestock farms in Member States. However, the Commission will strive to ensure that the three objectives of the common agricultural policy viable food production, sustainable management of natural resources and climate action and balanced territorial development are being fulfilled and where applicable, that the adequate policy instruments, as outlined above, are being used.

Finally, the Commission does not possess data indicating which and how many companies based in the Netherlands invested in Flanders between and Weet de Commissie dat deze bedrijven per gevangen hond betaald worden? Na de diefstal zijn ze overgebracht naar een asiel waar zij worden vergiftigd of op een andere manier worden gedood.

Staat de Commissie nog steeds achter de mededeling, dat zij een vereenvoudigd EU-wetgevingskader in gaat voeren met dierenwelzijnsbeginselen voor alle dieren die in het kader van een economische activiteit worden gehouden strategie van de Europese Unie voor de bescherming en het welzijn van dieren ? In hoeverre ziet de Commissie mogelijkheden om straathonden op Europees niveau te beschermen, nu duidelijk wordt dat in de hoedanigheid van premiejagen, economische activiteiten verbonden zijn aan deze straathonden? Kan de Commissie dierenwelzijnsrichtlijnenopstellen waaraan bedrijven en individuen moeten voldoen als ze de straathonden vangen en vervoeren?

In het licht van deze studie, die naar verwachting eind zal worden afgesloten, zal de Commissie nagaan of het nodig is verdere actie te ondernemen met inachtneming van de bevoegdheden die haar in het Verdrag betreffende de Europese Unie worden toegekend. Is the Commission aware that the Romanian authorities hire the services of private organisations to catch stray dogs, often using harsh methods, with the aim of killing them? Does the Commission know that these businesses are paid per animal that they catch? The international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS has hired a clinic at the refuge where dogs are castrated, have microchips inserted and are vaccinated before being offered for adoption.

Does the Commission consider that, if businesses are bounty hunting for stray dogs on such a large scale, this can be regarded as an economic activity? Does the Commission still stand by the statement that it intends to introduce a simplified EU legislative framework for animal welfare principles for all animals kept in connection with an economic activity?

Strategy for the protection and welfare of animals What scope does the Commission see for protecting stray dogs at European level, bearing in mind that it has now become clear that economic activities are associated with these stray dogs in the form of bounty hunting? Can the Commission draw up animal welfare guidelines with which businesses and individuals must comply when catching and transporting stray dogs? Does the Commission consider it desirable that European NGOs should be able to operate freely in EU Member States, and to what extent can the Commission play a coordinating role in order to ensure that NGOs can defend the interests of people, animals and the environment?

In the light of this study, which is expected to be finalised by the end of , the Commission will consider if it is necessary and possible to take specific initiatives in this field with due regard to the competences conferred by the Treaty to the European Union. The European Union is threatening to introduce visas for US diplomats. The USA was issued with an ultimatum: Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Croatia. The imposition of restrictions on the USA is supposed to involve the introduction of visas for certain visitors from the USA, such as diplomats, or making the entry into force of trade agreements dependent on the removal of the visa requirement.

To date the Commission cannot prejudge the outcome of its analysis on whether it would adopt such an implementing act or a report. Such analysis should take into account all relevant factors, including the consequences of the suspension of the visa waiver for the external relations of the Union and its Member States with the third country in question. The European Parliament will be kept fully informed. Christians are once again being killed in Libya. The bodies of seven Egyptian Christians, who had been kidnapped in Benghazi, were found on a beach in eastern Libya.

This is already the second such incident this year. Last month, a British man and a woman from New Zealand were shot dead near Tripoli. None of the Islamic extremist organisations have yet claimed responsibility for the attack. Is the High Representative monitoring the evolution of extremist and terroristorganisations in Libya? The EU is very concerned about the growing signs of extremism in Libya, notably in the East of the country. Rampant security incidents are being favoured by a lack of enforcement of rule of law. The EU has urged the Libyan government to adopt the necessary measures to protect religious minorities against all forms of attacks or discrimination.

The Commission has published proposals for new rules that would prohibit Europe's largest banks from engaging in excessively risky activities. The ban would affect proprietary trading in financial instruments and commodities, among other things. Is the list presented by the Commission with the names of thirty banks which will beaffected by the new rules closed or will it still be subject to modifications?

The list of banks referred to by the Honourable Member is set-out in the impact assessment accompanying the proposal for a regulation on structural measures improving the resilience of EU credit institutions see in particular Annex A8 of the impact assessment. This list should be regarded as indicative. The thresholds set-out in the proposal have been calibrated to ensure stability over time, although future changes in the size and activities of the relevant banks, e.

The Commission considers that the timeframe for the entry into force of the regulation set-out in the explanatory memorandum of the proposal is ambitious but feasible. Moreover, in order to allow banks to adapt their structures in a smooth, non-disruptive and timely fashion, the proposal foresees an appropriate transition period before some of the most significant provisions would take effect.

However, the timetable will ultimately be decided by the co-legislators. The jihadi group Ansar Bait al-Maqdis has called on tourists in Egypt to leave the country or be victims of attacks. A bomb attack in the Egyptian Red Sea resort town of Taba, which is located on the Sinai Peninsula, claimed the lives of three South Korean tourists and their Egyptian driver.

Soon, they too could be the targets of attacks carried out by these groups. Is the High Commissioner monitoring the evolution of jihadi groups in Egypt? The EU has on numerous occasions expressed concern at the violent events in Egypt, condemning terrorist attacks: Currently, however, the European Union has no on-going projects with Egypt on counter-terrorism or Security Sector Reform. Without a thorough reform of the security sector as well as complementary measures to fight trafficking and organised crime, it is unlikely that the situation will improve. According to Eurostat, single-member households were the largest single category of household in the EU in , the most recent data showing an EU average of three out of ten, mainly women or elderly people living alone.

The percentage of such households is increasing, those concerned being increasingly vulnerable and exposed to the risk of poverty, particularly in the current economic climate. Does the Commission have recent data regarding the social and economic situation of single-member households? If not, does it intend to launch an investigation and publish the relevant statistics and analyses in the immediate future? People at risk of poverty or social exclusion are those: Statistici privind infertilitatea la nivelul UE.

An increasing number of couples in the European Union, as well as elsewhere, are experiencing infertility problems. In Romania, for example, one in six couples are faced with infertility problems, and the birth rate is in decline. Does the Commission have any statistics on the percentage of couples experiencing infertility problems in the European Union and on their situation, as well as on how much fertility treatment costs in each Member State and the extent to which they each subsidise this?

Does the Commission plan to encourage an exchange of good practices between Member States in this field? The study maps the existing practice of assisted reproductive technologies. It provides an overview of national legislation and reimbursement policies in the Member States as well as established practices. The organisation and financing of health services and medical care — including decisions related to fertility treatment available and its possible reimbursement — and the definition of health policies is a matter under the responsibility of the Member States.

The Court also notes that the provision relating to maternity leave in that directive expressly refers to confinement, and its purpose is to protect the mother in the especially vulnerable situation arising from her pregnancy. What is the Commission's position in the light of this decision and its practical implications?

In the Commission proposal maternity rights are not provided for mothers who have had their baby via a surrogacy agreement because this directive concerns an amendment to a health and safety directive whereas these mothers would need leave and specific protection for reasons other than health and safety. The amendments to the Commission proposal adopted by the European Parliament do not contain provisions for these mothers either. Capacitatea statelor membre de a asigura gazul necesar. Articolul 6 din Regulamentul CE nr. Natural gas is an essential source of energy for the European Union, representing one-quarter of its energy supply.

It is used principally for power generation, heating, industrial production and transport fuel. The Commission is working together with these Member States to find solutions to improve the situation. Following a request by the European Council, the Commission is also working on an in-depth study on energy supply security and a strategy on enhancing energy independence which will be published in June. Conform Regulamentului UE nr. With decreasing domestic production, gas imports have increased even more rapidly, thus creating higher import dependence and the need to address security of gas supply aspects.

In addition, some Member States find themselves on a gas island as a result of an absence of infrastructure connections with the rest of the Union. Can the Commission say what stage has been reached on these documents and when it expects them to be ready for submission to Parliament? This report will be adopted later this year. Moreover, in response to the European Council's request, the Commission is preparing a comprehensive study on energy security and a strategy on enhancing energy independence. These documents are expected to be published in June.

The figures show that decline has generally occurred in states that have been seriously affected by the economic and financial crisis. Measures to control energy consumption in Europe, step up the use of renewable energy sources, save energy and increase energy efficiency make a significant contribution to promoting the security of energy supply, technological progress, innovation, employment opportunities and regional development, particularly in rural and isolated areas. Can the Commission say what progress has been made regarding the use of minimum levels of renewable energy in new buildings or existing buildings that are subject to major renovation?

The Commission will have more details on the fulfilment of this requirement after this date.

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Moderating energy consumption in Europe and increasing the use of energy from renewable sources constitutes, along with energy savings and greater energy efficiency, an important component of the set of measures needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Can the Commission indicate what stage it has reached in that evaluation and when it expects to submit the report in question to Parliament? Control of energy consumption in Europe, increased use of renewables, energy saving and greater energy efficiency, are among the principal measures necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Can the Commission say what progress has been made in meeting the above target? When does it plan to submit the report in question to the European Parliament? The Commission has already engaged in extensive work with Member States to encourage more ample use of cooperation mechanisms envisaged by the Renewable Energy Directive e. The European Sunday Alliance has recently made an appeal for legislation to enhance respect for Sunday and to promote its preservation as a work-free day and a common day of rest.

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