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Go up the left side and walk over to the hut's front door to activate a cut scene. Grab the key to the right of the door. Go to the other side of the door and open the chest for a Steel Club and health potion. Exit the hut and walk around to the right, you will find two barrels and a Rusty Axe. Now drop back into the water and head west to Tull's Mine with the closed gate. Walk over to the keyhole and press L1 to use the key. Kill the Trog on the other side. Enter the mine and go south, watch out for three Trogs and head south east.

A satchel will be sitting on the table to the right, turn back around and use the lift in the lower section. Grab the satchel straight ahead and kill the three Trogs in the room to the right. Go around the corner to the right and kill three more Trogs. Take the lift up and kill the two Trogs waiting for you at the top, grab the satchel off the table on the southern wall. Go east into the next room and smash the two barrels.

Head north to exit onto an overlook of Tull's hut. Head west and smash the barrel around the first bend. Kill the Trog standing outside the next entrance to the mine. Go inside and grab the last satchel off the table to the left, go north and pull the lever to raise the elevator. Lower yourself down the shaft and return to the Hermit's Hut. Talk to Tull and he will give you a Blasting Pot to use on the sealed door found in the southern cave. Exit the hut and head to the southern cave.

Be ready for a Scavenger to come running at you as soon as you start to enter the cave. When you turn left three more Scavengers will come running towards you. Take care of them and head east. At the next bend three more Scavengers will come running your way. Go up to the ruins in the corner and two more Scavengers will run up to you. Inside the ruins you will find a Wood Long Bow and some barrels to smash. Go south and turn east to find a hole in the wall with a chest. Open it and head west to the sealed doorway. Run up to the door to activate a cut scene. Kill the three Trogs on the other side and turn right at the intersection.

Kill the Trog by the closed gate and smash the barrels open for any treasure. Head straight at the intersection and go around the bend smashing all the barrels and killing the two Trogs on the far end. Call the lift and lower yourself down the shaft, killing the Trog waiting for you below. Go west into the underground reservoir and attack the five Trogs and Trog Mage. You will find a barrel on the inside corner of the wall in the middle of the room.

Three more barrels sit in the northwest part of the room as well. Head south into the right doorway to head down some stairs into a large hall. You will have to take care of four Trogs in this room, then head north into the center doorway. You will come down into a jail area, with Nichols the Bold trapped in the left cell. Pull the lever in front of his cell to open the gates. However, if you didn't talk to him by the fire at the start of the Shadowmire you won't find him in here.

Talk to him to activate his next location and go to the next cell. Inside the cell will be two barrels, smash them to get a Potion of Invisibility. Exit to the great hall again and go straight across to the small storage room. Smash the barrels and take the health elixir off the shelf. Go in the Great Hall again and turn right. Enter the door behind the pillars and run up the slope, killing the three Trogs and Trog Mage. Head up the stairs to the north and you will come to a kitchen. Kill the two Trogs walking around and go up the next set of stairs.

You will now enter the library. Kill the two Trogs standing around and climb the ladder on the north wall. Jump across to the beams above and walk around the ledge to the bags of gold and the Rusty Short Sword. Hop back onto the bookcase and take the ladder back down. Exit through the southern door to go up some more stairs. Kill the three Trogs up here and go north. To the east is a small cave like area with another Trog with some crates and barrels.

Go north and jump over the steel cages to drop down in front of a doorway. Carefully go up the slope and take out your bow.

SAAB 35 Draken Walk Around - Mikhail Putnikov - kirja() | Adlibris kirjakauppa

A very large spider will be sitting looking your way on the other end of this room. Shoot it from a distance, then go to the chest it was guarding for an Invulnerability Potion. Drop down the hole in the northwest corner and quickly turn southeast to face eight Trogs. After they are disposed of, head north and kill another Trog. The tunnel will turn to the right leading you downhill and then turns to the left allowing access to the the bottom of the Tree of Mourning.

Exit the tree and head back south along the path, turn left and go up the tunnel to the room with the steel cages. A cut scene will start showing a gate on the other end of the room releasing three Trogs into the room, kill them and run through the now open gate. Go into the Dining Room and out the west wall. Kill the Trog and quickly go up the left side to avoid the Trog Mage.

Kill the three Trogs and go west killing two more. Now turn south and call the lift to go down towards Toadfists lair. Follow the path north and walk along the edge of the cliff. Enter the throne room and fight Toadfist for the crown. Stay close but not in arms reach to him, otherwise he will throw magical projectile balls at you. When his hands glow move away a little more to let him start spinning around, when he finishes spinning he will become dizzy. Perform a spin attack to knock him off his feet, then slash at him.

Open the chests and smash the barrels on both sides before you leave, then head back up the lift. Head north killing the two Trog Mages standing near the exit to the cave. Pick up the potion on the ground then exit. Head across the bridge, it will break sending you into some deep water. Kill the four Trog Mages, saving Nichols' if you found him the last two times. He will give Rynn a book to allow access to a room with a Blade of the Order. Head northwest through the water to find the circular stone with pillars on it just as Nichols said. Stand in the middle to activate a cut scene and open the gate.

Inside the room a sword is standing on its handle. You can either grab it and fight the skeletons that come out or run past it towards the entrance press the L1 button to have it trail behind you and skip the experience points. Head east to reach the path ahead and go left uphill. Enter the cave and kill the two Trogs and Trog Mage.

Open the chest and smash the barrels, then continue uphill. Open the chests, then pull the lever to open the locked gate. You are now right at the start of the Shadowmire. Head down the trail to the bridge and cross it to the other side. If you rescued the daughter talk to the father to get your reward of a Potion of Life and a Diamond worth gold.

Exit the Shadowmire and head back into town. Remember that once you save your game on the way out of the Shadowmire, you can't reenter. This means anything you left behind is now gone forever. Once you can move again, head back into town and start another cut scene. Arokh will ask for the Rune and then say that you have to go to the Andrellian Isles for a guide. Enter the Blacksmith shop to the left and hand over Toadfist's Helm if you picked it up for a nice two grand.

At this time you may want to go buy some more equipment from him as well. Go across the street to the Alchemist and buy any needed potions. Hop on the dragon and head southeast along the mountains. A Blackwing Dragon will be resting in a nest, kill it then land next to the nest and collect the three Blackwing Eggs. Head back to town and cash in the eggs at the Alchemist's place. Take Arokh and fly across the river to Jade's Magic Emporium. Jade will tell you more information about the Desert Lords.

If you haven't put any skill points into your magic yet, don't worry about it. Now go towards the farmers house to the east and turn south at the gap inbetween the mountain that wraps around to the mushroom caves and the single section to your right. Land on this upper piece and hop off Arokh. You will find a cave in the southeast corner. You will be entering a Grull cave, wrap around the two turns and fight three Grull.

Depending how close you are to the tunnel to the next room, another Grull may come out towards you. In the chest by the fire is a Potion of Invisibility. Smash the two crates and three barrels for treasure, then head into the next room. Take this hallway around and fight off the three remaining Grull, a fourth if the one in the hallway didn't attack earlier, and enter the next room. Inside the large room you will find three barrells and two treasure chests as well as an Iron Axe on the large boxes. Exit the cave and get back on Arokh. Head west just over the first high peaked mountain and land on the ledge just past it.

You will come to another cave opening, just above the locked gate below. Jump off Arokh and go inside. Just around the first corner is an oversized spider to take care of. After you kill it, go around the next bend with a weapon drawn to fight a Wartok. Not to far ahead another oversized spider will be on the cieling.

Take it out with a bow. Go down the spiral ramp and fight a Wartok Mage and an axe welding Wartok. Next to the boulders under the spiral ramp you will find a Rusty Long Sword, a few barrels and two treasure chests. Just west of the chests is a skeleton on the ground with a bag of gold for you to take. Continue west to kill an oversized spider on the cieling, watch out for the Wartok Mage around the next corner.

Kill the Wartok Mage and follow the path to the gated exit. Head around to the bonfire and kill the two Wartok standing by it. Turn back around to face the gated exit to see another Wartok come out of no where and take it down. If you look in the sky to the south you will see two Blackwing Dragons flying around. Jump on Arokh's back and kill them both so Rynn isn't attacked while she explores the ground.

Go back to the bonfire by the two caves and jump off Arokh again. Head south and take the bridge to the other part of the land. Go to the northwest and climb down the hillside. Head northeast back towards the caves to find a bag of gold next to a deceased human, crushed by the large boulder. Now turn back around and take the path southeast to cross the river. Kill the two Wartok next to the bonfire and smash the barrels around them. Head south and then southeast and fight two more Wartok by another bonfire. Cross the bridge and head up the hill to the southwest. Continue to climb the mountain and go southwest, head up the hill just before the rock formation that serves as a bridge.

Enter a small cave at the top and as you exit, fight the five Grull. Continue down the path to reach the Brotherhood of the Eternal Word. Enter the monastery and go east in the first book room to talk to the monk sitting at the table. Now enter the next room by heading west and talk to the monk by the empty bookcase. Head down into the crypt and save your game when it asks you to. Head down the set of steps next to the locked gate and head south. Turn left at the first chance and watch a skeleton come out of the coffin.

Breakfast onboard Draken with cook Jan Gullbrandsson

Kill it and continue down the tunnel south. An iron club lays in the corner ahead. Continue through the tunnel, walk up to the gate and turn around. Walk back towards the way you came and the wall on Rynn's left will smash open revealing another skeleton. Enter the newly opened path and down the stairs.

Head north, when you reach the left turn a skeleton will come out of a coffin while another one busts down the wall on the right side. Kill them both, then enter the right hole and open the treasure chest inside. Continue north and turn left at the next intersection to fight another skeleton. Head east down the stairs. As you reach the bottom of the stairs a gust of wind will blow out all the torches in the area. The wall on the left will break open revealing a skeleton and a half mana.

Go around the next corenr to fight another wandering skeleton. As you head south, look to the left for another skeleton, to the right is another half mana. Continue on and pull the lever on the right. Immediatly turn around and fight the skeleton that busts through the wall behind Rynn. Go in the hole to open the chest. Go up the stairs and walk through the hole that opens, turn left and go through the now opened gate. Turn to the right and walk over to the coffins to activate the two skeletons inside them.

After you fight them, head over to the opposite side and activate the last two coffins and kill the skeletons. Now is a good time to save your game. Head down the middle of the steps to watch the other side start to raise.

Call of the Broken Souls

Jump right in the center to have her grab on to the ledge, pull Rynn up on the other side and head down into the doorway. A skeleton will bust through a hole on the left side. Kill him and go to the right side to smash the wall open yourself. Open the two chests on the other side and take the Steel Mace. Head south down the long tunnel, when you reach the stairs turn to the right. A skeleton will bust out of the wall revealing a treasure chest. Head up the stairs into a large room with flame pillars. As you make your way around the room, the doors will get closed off and the pillars of fire will extinguish.

Skeletons will raise from the ground and attack you, take them all out to open the southern door. Open the chests on both sides of the door before you leave the room. On your way to the next room another skeleton will bust through the wall on the left.

In the next room, a skeleton will raise out of its coffin everytime you kill one of them. Exit to the west and the next rooms floor will break apart. Save your game and hop down to the floor below. Go to the southern edge and hop to the next piece of flooring. Then go north and climb up the broken pieces to enter the western door. Fight the two skeletons in this room and head west into the next room. Open the chests and smash the barrels, take the Iron Club off the ground and go back to the previous room.

Head north to face a tall flame sword welding skeleton that wants to teach Rynn a lesson. If you turn to the south you will see two doors next to the corners, kill the skeletons inside them and go in the right one. The large skeleton will have a hard time following you inside either one of them.

Smash the barrels and open the chests, then head back out into the large room to face the skeleton. Come back into one of these areas to get a little extra time to heal yourself or to cast a spell. When you finally kill the large skeleton, pick up his flaming sword to recieve the Flamestrike. Now enter the northern passage and step onto the teleporter to appear at the start of the catacombs. Head straight up the stairs and save your game to return to the surface. Talk to the monk behind the table in the first book room to recieve 1, gold for your help.

Exit the Brotherhoods area and head east on Arokh. Once you pass the wooden bridge, land on the lower left side and have Rynn enter the cave that is in the side of the taller part of the hill. Go around the loop in the tunnel to see a huge chicken at the end of the cave. Kill it to take its Golden Egg worth a whopping 1, gold. Head back to Surdana to repair and purchase any items or weapons you may want. Now fly east inbetween the two mountains with the river in the middle. Save your game when it prompts you to and watch the cut scene. You will come to the Grull Base, take out all the catapults to save the Outpost from total destruction.

Once the catapults are destroyed, return to the Outpost and talk to Kegan. He will be the one you talked to earlier. He will give you 88 in gold and ask you to go talk to Sevoth.

Покупки по категориям

Climb the ladder of the watch tower to the west and smash the barrel for possible treasure, do the same to the tower to the east. Now head south through the campsite and smash the barrels in the tents at the end. Climb to the top of the lighthouse and smash the barrels up there. Now head over to the ship, climb up the back stairs and talk to the captain of the ship.

He will tell you how two of his crew members jumped off the ship and took everything they could carry, including his charts. Head back past the tents and turn west right after you pass them. Enter the cave and go through it and talk to the blacksmith. Purchase any items, weapons, or armor you want to get at this time.

Now go into the next room and head over to the man standing over Sevoth. He will tell Rynn that he was hit by a poisonous arrow, and two men ran off with his medicine pouch. Exit the cave and hop onto Arokh's back to start searching for the medicine pouch. Fly back over to the Grull Base, you will see a boat on the shore. Most likely this is where the two men went for some odd reason. Enter the single hut and smash the barrel for any treasure. Now hop back on Arokh and fly around the edge of the shore to the west.

You will encounter three blackwing dragons flying around in this area, take them out quickly. On the other side of the mountain holding the Grull Base is a second entrance. Kill the Grull and Wartok wandering around, then land near the cave entrance. Smash the barrels around the single hut, then enter the cave to the west. Go through and enter the large cave area to the west. Kill the Grull that come after you, then look through the barred window to the south.

A human will talk to the Wartok that comes up to him and they walk out of view together. Smash all the barrels in the area, kill the Grull Mage, and ride the lift up to the next level. Kill the grull that attacks you and walk around the lift to smash some more barrels. Continue through the cave and kill the Wartok and Grull that attack in this donut shaped room. When you leave the room to the east, look right to see a Wartok looking through a barred window.

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Quietly walk up behind him and kill him. Take the lift down into a medium sized room. Smash the barrels and grab the Iron Club off the crates. Straight ahead is a useless room that you can recall being a holding cell for that human. Take the lift back up and head east down the hill. Once you reach the large room, a cut scene will start to play. The human wants the Wartok to talk to Bonegrinder to allow him and his partner safe passage off the island in exchange for whatever information he wants.

The Wartok tells him that they get all the information they need from the Desert Lords, killing the man. Once Rynn can move kill the large Wartok to retrieve Sevoth's Pouch. Go to the locked gate door and pull the lever, there may be a Mage Grull standing next to it. Leave the cave and go back to the Outpost. Enter the cave and talk to the man standing over Sevoth. Once Sevoth is revived talk to him. Sevoth tells Rynn that he can give her a magic spell but he has to replenish his power with 20 crystals first.

He asks Rynn to go to the Crystal Mines to the northwest. Purchase any items you may need and head out of the cave. As you start to fly north, another Blackwing Dragon will attack you. Go northwest and you will a large mountainous area holding the Crystal Caves. Take out the Anti-Dragon Gun on the corner of the island.

Head north along the shoreline to reach the ship docks. You may have a run in with some more Blackwing Dragons as well. Go on the ships to smash the barrels, fly up to the upper southern hut and go inside for some barrels and a Rusty Axe. Head back to the ship docks and jump off Arokh, go west and fight off any Grull. Now enter the Crystal Mines, turn to the left and save when the game prompts you to. A Grull will attack from Rynn's right and a Wartok will attak from the left. Deal with them and head to the right.

Kill the second Wartok standing by the tunnel entrance and enter. Two Grull will be in this area, along with a Crystal Shard sitting in a wagon. Take the lift down and go to the north corner for a Wood Long Bow. Go west and kill the two Wartok and Grull. In this tunnel you will find Crystal stalagmite formations. You will have to use a weapon to shatter them for some Crystal Shards.

Head through the tunnel and kill the two Grull. Continue south onto a small ledge area in the big room to take a Crystal Shard out of the cart on the left. Turn back around and take the west tunnel to continue through. You will come to more Crystal stalagmite formations for you to smash. Wrap around the next bend and fight some Grull.

Smash the single Crystal stalagmite formation and take the lift down further into the mine. As the lift comes down, turn to the east to face some more Grull and a Wartok around the corner. Head south into the bottom of the really large room. About five Grull will come running out from behind a cave wall, with a big change in music. A short while later, you will notice the ground shaking as a really large beast comes walking around the same corner the Grull did. The large Beast will pick up any Grull in its way and throw them at Rynn as well as any barrels. Attack it with arrows and a sword when you can get behind it.

Don't let the massive beast pick you up or else when it throws Rynn she will automatically die. After everything has been killed, smash the barrels and get the Crystal stalagmite formations. Continue west through the tunnel the enemies came through. Fight the Grull and Wartok in this lower part of the room, then jump the chasm to the west. Climb the ladder and kill the two Grull on the top of the platform. Another gigantic beast is up here as well. After you take care of the enemies, smash the Crystal stalagmite formations and open the treasure chest in the northeast corner.

Head north through the tunnel to continue. Turn east to face a few Grull and two Wartok, head down path to another large room with Crystal stalagmite formations. Climb the ladder to reach the wooden platforms above. Jump across the platforms to get to the southern tunnel entrance. Kill the Wartok and the Grull that comes through the doorway. Go past the lift and enter the large mine again. Kill the Wartok by the lever, this lever controls the door that locked behind you when you entered the bottom of the mine.

Go around through another tunnel to the south and you will come along a treasure chest with a Potion of Invisibility and Full Mana inside it. Exit the tunnel to find more Crystal stalagmite formations. Go back through the tunnel and take the lift up. Kill the two Grull then walk through the tunnel and go back inside the large mine area, killing the wartok. Smash open the barrels off to the right for any treasure, then head back to the closed wooden gate. Pull the lever to open the door and make your way back to the mines entrance. Save when the game prompts you to.

Go inside the cave and talk to Sevoth, he will recharge his powers and teach you Lightning Bolt Level 1. Sevoth will now tell you where to find Bonegrinder. Sell the remaining Crystal Shards, repair needed weapons and armor, and purchase any new weapons and armor needed. Don't forget to stock up on any life potions. Exit the cave and hop onto Arokh, head north. Watch the ground for any enemies as well as the sky for anymore Blackwing Dragons. Northeast of the Crystal Mines is an island with Wartok, Grull, and a large beast to fight for any possible item drops.

Head directly east of this island to an inlet just south of the path up to Bonegrinder's Lair. Have Rynn walk northeast to the bonfire and enter the cave. You will enter a large room with lava down below. Turn east and fight the Grull and Wartok that come after you. Head to the east and grab the Wood Long Bow off the crate. Go south into another large room.

If you look on the west wall you can see a path that leads down to the lava and around some rocks to a treasure chest holding an Invulnerability Potion. Head back up the path and jump the chasm to the south making it onto an upper ledge. Kill the Grull up here, then hop onto the next ledge going south. Get on top of the crates and jump up one more ledge. Kill the Grull and Wartok, then open the treasure chest to the right of the door and the two chests on the east side.

Enter the doorway and turn west, kill the Wartok on the other side. Carefully cross the lava by using the wooden plank on the ground and take the Steel Great Sword off the stone. Continue to hop across the stones floating in the lava and make it to land once again, killing the Grull.

Head west into another room, go around to the right, killing the Wartok and Grull.

At the eastern ruins is a treasure chest with a Potion of Invisibility. Grab it and head along the path, you will see a Wartok standing by a pedestal holding the captains charts. Take them and continue out of the caves. You can return them to the captain now if you want, then head back north. He will give you a bag of gold worth gold. Now fly to the north and you will find a harbor just before the northern inlet.

Attack all the Wartok and Grull and explore the section to smash some barrels left behind. Up on a little hill you will see four indestructible crates, three with a single crate stacked on one of them. In the middle of these crates you can find a Rusty Short Sword stuck in one of them, grab it if you are needing some extra melee weapons or you can sell it to the shopkeeper. Now enter the northern inlet to start a cut scene and find Bonegrinder as well as a sea dragon named Mezzidrel.

While flying on Arokh lock on to the closest head and start to circle around the dragon nonstop while holding the fireball button. Come in pretty close so the lightning balls the dragon fires at you have a harder time navigating to reach you. Keep firing as you circle and eventually the dragon will meet its end. Go towards the tornado and you will now see a white glowing orb. Professional sports is known as a true meritocracy, a field in which the cream really does rise to the top, as there's simply too much money at stake to operate in any other fashion.

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SAAB 35 Draken Walk Around

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Webmaster of Arokh's Lair. Ambiguously worded, at least without some context being provided. Not the actual events of TAG, because that would make little sense then. Wait, but isn't the dragon's soul still stored in the original crystal? Although perhaps the Dragonstone has the ability to recall it no matter how far away the original crystal is and transfer it into a new crystal? Perhaps indeed the cragonstone has the ability to recall lost or stolen soul crystals or maybe not in which case the dragon cannot be awakened if sleeping in stone. Due to the lack of maps and proper geographey.

Would it be better to make up a completely new world with the same monsters and simlar history to Drakan? Or just make up towns and villages as I go in the Drakan Universe? If I make my own World is would be a lot easier as far as Mapping and I can shape the worlds history. But I could still have it follow some of Draken Laws IE Dragonstones, After a great war or tribulation, same monsters and some new ones.

What do you think? Furthermore, because Sony still owns the copyright, any fanmade content under the Drakan name eg. BTW, You might want to look through these fanmade singleplayer maps first - it would be nice to actually see these locations included. It's a tabletop game were the players envision the world in their minds based on the descriptions given by the Dungeon Master. Players roll different types of dice to determine if an action succeeds or failures, miss or miss and so on.

The Dungeon Master is the stories narrator and the worlds builder. The Players describe their actions and what they do from their point of view and they collectively direct were the story goes. For example I could have a big event planed that is critical to the story, but if the players so choose they could go their own way and completely ignore everything I've planned for. I recommend you YouTube or Google some people playing Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons for a better upstanding of what the game is. Sorry if their was any confusion.

Also congratulations on the new multiplayer patch being released I'll have to take a look at it in the morning.