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Friday, 04 May, , 6: Friday, 04 May, , 8: More on this story. Southeast Asia Were pilots of doomed Lion Air flight baffled by safety system? How to cure a fear of flying: How to avoid getting sick from flying — keep clean, stay hydrated and try to get a window seat 3. Staying rooted No window-seat passengers enjoys having to clamber over two strangers to get to the aisle.

Rudeness to cabin crew Many of us will have encountered a brusque, snooty, or perhaps even condescending flight attendant on the odd occasion. The person who turns the light on On many planes, the lights above a row of seat are each angled to shine upon an individual seat, but turning your personal light on in an otherwise dark cabin is a sure-fire way to irk those trying to sleep nearby. Not checking before raising or lowering your seat Dropping your seat back immediately upon take-off is a flying gripe that arises time and time again, but raising it suddenly is another recipe for a high-altitude brawl.

No one is calling for a ban on number twos, but a bit of urgency would be appreciated.

Physical Health

Litterbugs As weary passengers file out of the aircraft at the end of a long-haul flight, they leave behind a depressing scene. You probably have some gripes of your own to add to this list …. You are signed up. We think you'd also like. Thank you You are on the list. Most Popular Viewed 1.

Jackie Chan is a hypocrite: In your seat you can flex and stretch out your feet to increase circulation to your lower extremities. Wear support stockings to prevent swelling that could lead to a dangerous blood clot. This is one of the scariest physical side effects of flying: The clot can block blood flow to the leg, causing swelling. This can then damage the lungs and other organs and even be fatal. If you start to feel short of breath or experience chest pain, and if your legs swell after your flight, you should seek medical attention.

Higher altitudes mean thinner atmosphere, exposing passengers to higher levels of radiation while in flight. And that exposes plane passengers to a much higher level of cosmic radiation than at ground level. For example, a flight from New York to Los Angeles can expose a passenger to roughly the same level of radiation as one-third of a chest X-ray. This level of radiation is unlikely to cause most people any long-term issues, but it can be more of a concern to air flight crew or frequent fliers, as long-term exposure to radiation can cause cellular changes in the body.

Here’s How To Eat Healthy While You Travel

Traveling from one time zone to another is enough to wreak havoc on your body as well as your sleep patterns. The usual rule states that for every hour you travel through the time zones, it takes one whole day to adjust your body to the new time.

How to stay FIT and HEALTHY while traveling

And the further you fly, the worse you are likely to feel. Jet lag can have some pretty strong physiological effects on the body aside from just impacting your sleep patterns. It can cause fatigue, headaches, irritability, digestive issues, and even nausea and loss of appetite.

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Many experts believe the best remedy for jet lag is light — that by controlling your exposure to sunlight in the beginning stages of your trip, you can help rebalance your circadian rhythm body clock. In basic terms, if you travel east, it is advised to avoid morning light and increase your exposure in the afternoon, whereas if you travel west, try to get as much sunlight as possible directly before the sun sets.

What Happens to You on a Plane: Scary Health Effects of Flying

Go to the local market, grab some essentials and whip up a healthy meal and make sure to get a Tupperware so you can bring a lunch to-go. I have tons and I am happy to share! You can also Airbnb once in a while to get access to a room with a kitchen and some of your own space. If you are traveling with a partner or group, Airbnb is ideal.

If you are somewhere where you have zero access to cooking facilities you can always get food that you can make into a quick meal. Eating junk food for snacks while traveling is too easy. In every gas station, convenience store you will find chips, cookies, candy, etc. You will just be hungry again in ten minutes if you eat those Doritos! Finding the right snacks when you are getting ready for a travel day is so important. Go to the grocery store or local market. Find a piece of fruit or some veggies to snack on.

For long lasting energy grab some nuts or trail mix. If you really need some sugar, treat yourself to some dark chocolate. Grab some real fruit juice to curb those sugar cravings and do not buy the super cheap ice-cold Coca Cola! I know it is calling to you but all those carbs and refined sugars or worse! When we travel we eat out. We may not always have the option of eating healthy food while eating out, but we can control how much we eat. I have noticed over and over that when I eat out the portions I am served are at least two times bigger than what I would normally eat if I made myself a meal.

Combine being given a huge portion, with huge hunger from traveling all day, and a steaming plate of delicious food right in front of you. What do you get? What I have learned to do is right away split my plate in two portions, ask for a take-away box, and put the other half away.

Out of site out of mind.

If you eat all your food and you are still hungry later you have it! Or you have a second meal for later that day, two meals for one. You save money and eat healthier! This one is especially hard for me and new to me. There are many studies that show eating within a hour time period increases healthy digestion, decreases inflammation, and allows your body time to repair itself. Those all sound like good things to me! It is proven that eating late at night effects your sleep and metabolism, which in turn drastically effects your health.

I know, while traveling and adventuring eating late at night is sometimes unavoidable. Just do your best to stay within a reasonable eating window and you will notice the difference in a matter of weeks. Staying in the right head space while traveling is incredibly important for physical health. Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand. When we do not feel good about our bodies it affects the way we think about ourselves as whole. It changes our behavior and introduces negative thought cycles to our day. I know this from experience. It makes us grumpy, irritable, and reactionary. Being healthy is not about weight, it is about loving the skin you are in.

It is about choosing joy. It is about choosing positivity over our natural negative inclinations. Maintaining positive emotional health while traveling is incredibly important and effects the experiences you will have on your travels. So think positively about your body, your adventures, and your future.

This fitness gift got actress Janel Parrish in 'wedding shape'

Here are some simple things you can do to create and encourage positive emotional health while traveling: I started doing this recently and my partner saw an obvious difference in my daily outlook and attitude. Starting your day with gratitude sets the tone for everything you say, see, and do. You may be in the same set of circumstances that previously made you unhappy or you felt negatively about, but when you start your day realizing how much you are grateful for, the others things become less important.