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Finding all the pieces together is rare, but some sellers do offer accessories on their own. A taller AT-AT was released in with more features than its counterpart, but collectors still crave the original, which had a D battery compartment, clicking guns, and posable legs. This rare set was sold only in the Sears Wish Book, so if your family belonged to that exclusive club, you may remember it. It came with a backdrop and four action figures: Every aficionado wants to own one of each piece from the vintage Star Wars line The Sears exclusive Cloud City Playset is getting more difficult to find in decent condition—and more expensive, too.

This Kenner toy came with several removable parts, including Han Solo in carbonite, a tinted canopy, stabilizer fins, and a cargo ramp. Many removable parts meant a high probability that they would go missing once the figures were opened, which is why collectors seek out sealed boxes.

Most are missing the tinted canopy or the side hatch or the cargo ramp or the Han Solo in Carbonite Block accessory. Subscribe to our Newsletter! Frozen creature comes to life during gold search. Scrappy thinks it's a "claim jumper". Wind up on ship to Mars; chased by US robot. Battle limestone monsters and giant bat in underground cavern. Scooby dreams he is cowardly lion; battle Wicked Witch of the North by Southeast. Visiting Army base; confronted by tough drill sergeant who mistakes them for new recruits. Alien clones gang, attempts to take over world.


Battle truckers on road after taking their van, which looks like the Mystery Machine. Robot Master attempts to turn gang into robots to add to theme park; battle Rawhide Red robot. Confronted by Taj Mahal guard they angered; He befriends them when they find lost ruins. Gang winds up on mission to catch spy in San Francisco Bay.

Scooby dreams he is Pinocchio after accepting free tickets to a carnival nose grows long when he lies, gang turns into donkeys. Battle sea captain ghost in abandoned lighthouse. Battle Merlin who needs gang to make formula to pull sword out of stone. Tackle leprechaun caught in Scrappy-trap for his pot of gold.

These 13 Innovations Changed the World—and They All Originated in L.A.

Gang is washed off of cruise and swept into Atlantis; battle Grecian centaur. Shaggy and Scooby are turned into babies by steam bath; entered into baby contest.


Gang gets jobs backstage, and are chased by Marvo the magician, whose act they ruined. As space shuttle cleaners, gang accidentally takes off and encounters Darth Vader-like alien who wants to conquer Earth. Fortune teller Madam Olga needs puppy dog tails for a formula to turn herself beautiful.

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Gang works, unknowingly, on Vampire State Building for a vampire foreman. Gang works for newspaper science editor who accidentally turns himself into a wolfman. Gang, as gardening service, battles man-eating plant creatures in overgrown garden. Cleaning Big Ben, spinning clock hands transports gang to automated Jetsons-like future; battle robot toy gorilla.

Alien who looks like Scrappy lands in concert attended by gang; thinks Scrappy is fellow Plutonian. Gang winds up playing against hulking rival football team after former team quits. Battle giant in huge castle atop beanstalk after Scooby drops beans, for dinner in puddle.

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Scrappy tries to catch Bigfoot in scout camping trip. Her last day was on April 26, The company sold picture frames, and later dollhouse furniture. Matson sold [ when? In , the company had its first hit toy, a ukulele called "Uke-A-Doodle". The company incorporated the next year in California. The Barbie doll debuted in , becoming the company's best-selling toy in history.

In , Mattel introduced Chatty Cathy , a talking doll revolutionizing the toy industry, which led to pull-string talking dolls and toys flooding the market throughout the s and s.

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The company went public in , and the New York Stock Exchange listed them in Mattel also acquired a number of companies during the s see table. Nishpeksh Padmamohan Mehra, is one of Mattel's Inc. Mattel purchased The Ringling Bros. In , an investigation found Mattel guilty of issuing false and misleading financial reports, banishing Elliot and Ruth Handler from their own company.

Spear, a Mattel vice president, took control of the company in , who returned the company to profitability in Ruth Handler sold her stock in The Mattel Electronics line debuted in with an all-electronic handheld game.

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The success of the handheld led to the expansion of the line with game console then the line becoming its own corporation in New York venture capital firms E. Amerman improved the company's financial performance in by focusing on core brands. Mattel returned to working with the Disney company in Mattel entered the game business in with the purchase of International Games, maker of Uno and Skip-Bo. Mattel earned the first grant for Disney Princess doll licenses in In , Mattel signed a deal with Warner Bros to became the master licensee for Harry Potter -branded toys.

In , Mattel closed its last factory in the United States , originally part of the Fisher-Price division, outsourcing production to China , which began a chain of events that led to a lead contamination scandal. The New York Times closely covered Mattel's multiple recalls.

Surface coatings cannot exceed. Mattel re-wrote its policy on magnets, finally issuing a recall in August Fortune Magazine named Mattel one of the top companies to work for in , noting only 1, positions were full, out of , job applications during the previous year, as well as more than 1, employees had been with the company longer than 15 years.

Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo at a Fortune Cookie Factory

On February 28, , Mattel acquired Mega Brands. Mattel added a princess-themed Barbie line in , and the fair and fantasy store-based Ever After High line in Barbie sales began plummeting in , thus removing focus from the Disney Princess line. Mattel had only sold Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and the two Frozen princesses during the last year or so of its license. With these competing lines and an expiration of the brand license at the end of , Disney gave Hasbro a chance to gain the license given their work on Star Wars, which led to a Descendants license. DCP also made an attempt to evolve the brand from "damsels" to "heroines.

In June , the company laid off 2, partial due to Toys R Us ' liquidation. On September 6, , Mattel announced the launch of a film division, Mattel Films, that will make movies based on the company's toy brands. Mattel's prior incarnation of its film division, Playground Productions, was absorbed into Mattel Creations after its Max Steel movie that flopped.

Mattel Creations is the content production division of Mattel, Inc. In May , Mattel had teamed up with producer Robert B. Monster High followed Barbie in As of , the property was licensed out to Legendary Pictures , with Joe Roth attached to produce. Mattel Creations was formed in March to bring all three of Mattel's content production units, including the American Girl creative team in Middleton, Wisconsin , under its aegis.